Harding Family Bible

The Harding Family Bible

The following is an extracted copy of the family Bible of Mason and Margaret (Shelton) Harding. My understanding is that this copy was made by Gordon E. Lyons of Kansas City, MO.  The extracted copy was given to Charles Mallette of Houston, Texas, prior to Mr. Lyon's death in 1974.  Mr. Mallette sent a copy of it to me in 1995.

All I have is a typed copy of the original.  Since Mr. Lyons evidently extracted this data, I feel that he did not own the original.  Due to the wealth of information that this Bible contains, I thought I'd pass it on to other researchers.  I do not have a photocopy of the Bible, and in fact have no further information on it.  I would like to locate the original version.  If you know where it is, please let me know.

Notes: The extracted copy is a typewritten document.  It is subdivided into five "pages" which identified the original page numbers in the Bible.  The data is separated into two columns, which I will designate as Column 1, Column 2 below.   The original extractor must have had problems reading all of the data, since there are missing data identified by hyphens (---) and question marks (??).  Apparently the Bible was illegible or barely legible.  I will faithfully reproduce all of the typewritten information, except portions that are denoted as strikeouts, since these were the typist's errors (as noted in a footnote).  I do not have any information on the copyright date of the Bible, so I don't know if it was authentic or a recollection.   My notations are identified with my initials (TLS:)

Page 677 Column 1

Lyda A Sarvis married April 9th 1815
Mason Harding was married the 28th day of April, 1811
Adah Harding was born the fifth of March 22, 1812 (TLS: "the fifth of" was evidently a transposition error from the following line)
Betsy Harding was born the fifth of December 1813
John Scot Harding was born March the eighteenth 1815
Jean Harding was born November the second 1817

Page 677 Column 2

Mason Harding, Sr. was born June 22th 18??
Sarah Harding was born Nov. the eighth 1820
Nancy Harding was born August the 1?, 1828?
William Daniel Harding was born March the 22th 1824
Mary Healean Harding was born April the sixteenth 1826
Perline Harding was born October 31, 1828/9

Page 678 Column 1

Simeon Shackleford son of John & Polly Shackleford Sept. 6, 1811
Emmeline Shackleford born January 9th 1813
???to third a daughter in August 19th 1814 d. 29th of same month
---able Shackleford born May 23rd 1816
William S. Playle son of Thomas-Lydia Playle born May the 2th 1816
James W. Playle born October the 30, 1818
John (or Ann? C. Playle born February 1th 1821
Anderson S. Playle born ------y 17th 1823

Page 678 Column 2

Edmond Reed Shackleford son of Harling and Nancy Shackleford born Oct 13th 1810
Martha Ann Shackleford born April 25 1812
Amelia Shackleford born February 18 1814
Thomas Jefferson Shackleford born April 4 1816
Thomas Playle the son of William and Clary Playle born April 24th 179?

Page 679 Column 1

(TLS: On this page, the Sarvis entries were typed in as "Jarvis" and then a letter "S" was handwritten over them).

Johnathan W. Sarvis son of William & Polly Sarvis born April 11 1798
Lyda A. Sarvis born January 11, 1800; Nancy G. Sarvis born September 25 1802
John A. Jarvis born July 22, 1803. Lucinda L. Sarvis born May 14 1806. William A. Sarvis born April 11, 1808
(TLS: This 'J' for John A. was not overwritten in the extracted copy with 'S' -- it should have been) Samuel H. Sarvis born February 14 181? George W. ? Sarvis Dec 18 1810
Henry M. Sarvis born Nov 30 1812
Julet E. G. Sarvis born January 17, 1817
Emily Finetta Sarvis born December 1th 1819
Madison Barzo (Barge?) the son of Voluntine & Polly Barzo born August the 17 1815
John? Barriger born Jan the 1st, 1797

Page 679 Column 2

John Barriger deceased Feb the 28 1814
Lydia Barriger deceased on the 20 of Nov 1819
Hickerson Barriger deceased on the 28th April 182-

Page 680 No Columns

Begins with the death of 2 Sarvis males 1826, a Wm. Playle d. 1815. An Elizabeth Hartley born June 13 1833 and a Mary Jane Hartley born February 1 1835. Then it gives Margaret Harding mother of William D. died at 87 years 6/21/1869.

Page 681 No Columns

William D. Harding was married January the 24th 1850
James Clinton Harding was born December 28th 1850
Margaret Elizabeth Thornal was born March the 1 - 1847

Do you have any information about this family bible? If so, e-mail me at tservies@gmail.com

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